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Who we are:

Rebirth is a GMT+8 World of Warcraft Horde guild on realm Saurfang. We consist of players from all over the world ( Singapore, Australia, America, Japan, etc ) In Rebirth, we are a team. More importantly, we are a family. We strive to defeat the hardest challenges this game has to offer without the drama and stress that is becoming all too common nowadays. We are not the best but we never give up. Those who join our ranks quickly discover a mature and friendly home that pushes towards conquering content on a light three night raid schedule.

Should you choose to join us and stand within our ranks, you can count on being part of a caring bunch of people who share your passion for raiding. We are unlikely to be your first guild, but if you share our passion we will certainly be your last.

Current Progression:

- Starting


Rebirth is currently organized and directed by an officer council. Officers take on the responsibilities of making sure raids are handled as efficiently as possible and the guild remains a friendly and stable place. Officers help lead the discussion in boss strategies, deciding gear distribution, and deciding guild goals and direction.

Skill and Motivation:

We expect you to know your class inside and out, be informed of boss strategies, and excel when in action. If you come to raids unprepared and playing poorly, you are not living up to our expectations.

Social skills:

We expect those applying with us and those that become a part of the team to treat fellow guild members and others with respect. Everyone who wears our tabard represents our guild, so we expect members to treat those outside the guild with some level of respect and tolerance as well. We have enjoyed a good reputation among Saurfang and that is something we would like to continue.

Guild Bank:

On progression content, the guild bank will help provide consumables and fully cover repair costs. This includes flasks and feasts. We can't always supply everything since we are only humans, so you will still have to provide some of your own consumables.

Attendance and Raid Times:

We want our raiders to be able to maintain at least 70% attendance with us. If you aren't able to make for a raid (barring unforeseen events and emergencies) we require you to post in advance in our forum stating so or inform an officer ahead of time.

Our raid schedule is:

Wednesday 12:00am - 2:30 am Server

You will need to be online and ready to be invited to raid at least 15 mins prior the raid timing.


" Lightwell would work great if the graphics was something like fire, a rune or a puddle of green goo. DPS would naturally run to it ! " ~~~ Greywe

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