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#5837542 Mar 22, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Hi all i am a 85 DK tank 389ilvl i have been playing about 5 months and am new to raiding. I have tanked 4/8 DS nm so far and would love to progress more.
Thanks for reading
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#5838141 Mar 22, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Character Name : Supie
Class : DK Tank
Talent Build : 33/0/8
Armory Link

Are you a transfer or planning to transfer to Saurfang? : no
If Yes - from what Realm :

Skill Level / Professions : JC 525
Skill Level and Profession 1 mining 525
Skill Level and Profession 2 first Aid 375

What are your available playtimes? Are you able to meet at least 70% of our raids schedules ? ( 9PM GMT+8 - means 11pm or 12am Server Time dependent on DST) :
Sunday :: Night Off
Monday :: yes
Tuesday :: Night Off
Wednesday :: yes
Thursday :: yes
Friday :: Night Off
Saturday :: Night Off

I play 7 days a week

Why do you want to join us and how can we benefit from you ?
(We want to know about your Character, Build and Playstyle) :
I would love to progress more in game and i am a Dk Tank so i got bres :)

Previous Guilds (Include guild names, realm & why you left) :
THe Fallen Gods Saurfang still play with them have alts there
there raid times are bad for me as i work nights so i only raid with them on SUnday

What is your raiding experience?
6/7 fl nm 4/8 DS nm got ulti to 15%

What is your most used ability during a raid?
Death Strike

List consumables and amounts you plan to bring to every raid.
I fish mats everyweek for feasts and on other toons i gather herbs for cauldrons
also bring my own flasks 10 and 20 cookies in case

Of those consumable listed above - do you plan to use them on every Boss? If not, why? yes always buffs are important

You pull agro and wipe the raid. What do you do next ?
A) Stay quiet and pray no one noticed.
B) Admit the mistake and pray for forgiveness.
C) Blame it on lag.
D) Alt+F4
E) It's obviously the Tank's TPS that sucks.


How do you feel about constructive criticism?
Always a good thing makes u a better player

Do you loot during raids?
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