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#5768428 Mar 09, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Character Name : Bigmadtroll
Class : Hunter
Talent Build : 3/7/31
Armory Link (It must remain that way for the entire day that you post the app. We don't care about your PVP gear):

Are you a transfer or planning to transfer to Saurfang? :
If Yes - from what Realm : im already on the server

Skill Level / Professions : no profs
Skill Level and Profession 1
Skill Level and Profession 2

What are your available playtimes? Are you able to meet at least 70% of our raids schedules ? ( 9PM GMT+8 - means 11pm or 12am Server Time dependent on DST) :
Sunday :: Night Off
Monday :: available
Tuesday :: Night Off
Wednesday :: available
Thursday :: available
Friday :: Night Off
Saturday :: available

Why do you want to join us and how can we benefit from you ?
(We want to know about your Character, Build and Playstyle) : i want to join because i know that rebirth is a good guild and i have a mate in the guild, my soec is just a standard survival spec, my playstyle is just a normal surv hunter rotation

Previous Guilds (Include guild names, realm & why you left) : i haven't been in a guild for awhile

What is your raiding experience? i have done 4/8 in ds normal but know the fights

What is your most used ability during a raid?

List consumables and amounts you plan to bring to every raid. buff food, flasks and pots

Of those consumable listed above - do you plan to use them on every Boss? If not, why? yes i do

You pull agro and wipe the raid. What do you do next ?
A) Stay quiet and pray no one noticed.
B) Admit the mistake and pray for forgiveness.
C) Blame it on lag.
D) Alt+F4
E) It's obviously the Tank's TPS that sucks.


How do you feel about constructive criticism? good aslong as it helps me

Do you loot during raids? yes

Have you read our Raid Application & Requirements thread? yes
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