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#5683893 Feb 22, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Character Name : Kaltha
Class : Mage (Arcane/Fire)
Talent Build : Arcane: 33/5/3 - Fire: 3/35/3
Armory Link (It must remain that way for the entire day that you post the app. We don't care about your PVP gear):

Are you a transfer or planning to transfer to Saurfang? : Recently Transfered this toon from Aman'Thul

If Yes - from what Realm :

Skill Level / Professions :
Skill Level and Profession 1:Enchanting 535
Skill Level and Profession 2:Tailoring 522

What are your available playtimes? Are you able to meet at least 70% of our raids schedules ? ( 11 PM server) :
Sunday :: Night Off
Monday :: 7:45pm (+8gmt) (maybe earlier) until late
Tuesday :: Night Off
Wednesday :: 7:45pm (+8gmt) (maybe earlier) until late
Thursday :: 7:45pm (+8gmt) (maybe earlier) until late
Friday :: Night Off
Saturday :: Night Off
I do log on other nights as well for an hour or 2

Why do you want to join us and how can we benefit from you ?
(We want to know about your Character, Build and Playstyle) :

Previous Guilds (Include guild names, realm & why you left) :
Aman'Thul - Pandamonium: Guild Fell Apart
Death Dealers - Still have toons there most of my mates there left for Swtor

What is your raiding experience?
On a range of toons - Half of BC, All of Wrath, Most of Cataclysm

What is your most used ability during a raid?
In arcane, Arcane Blast, Fire spec Fireball - rotations are key though

List consumables and amounts you plan to bring to every raid.
2-3 Flasks, Stack of Food Buff - Mana Potions Stack

Of those consumable listed above - do you plan to use them on every Boss? If not, why?
Food and Flask is must, Mana potion is dependent on need

You pull agro and wipe the raid. What do you do next ?
I always claim my mistakes - no problem admitting when im wrong
If i am unaware of my mistake im always happy to be told

How do you feel about constructive criticism?
Always welcomed

Do you loot during raids?
Never loot will killing stuff

Have you read our Raid Application & Requirements thread?

Is there any additional information not covered in our application questions that you would like to share? ( Age, Hobbies, Country, MMO Experience, etc ) :
This toon is a recent transfer over to saurfang looking for a new experience,
while I am not that geared yet (381 is a tad low) I am more then happy to warm the bench while i am gearing my toon and helping out when i can.
#5698682 Feb 25, 2012 at 09:02 PM
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Be online on Wednesday night, like really late (1am ST) ... we could potentially trial you on one of the normal DS10 bosses.

Be enchanted/reforge(correctly), be ready.

#5714178 Feb 28, 2012 at 06:10 PM
thank you very much
i will be ready and waiting
#5744921 Mar 05, 2012 at 10:15 AM
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Accepted for trial.
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