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#5604738 Feb 06, 2012 at 04:00 PM
hey guys

was wondering if you are still hiring mages? i was a retired for a good 3 years and back from the dead now. Last raid i did was Muru in Sunwell before Kiljaeden was unlocked. A bit rusty but still kicking. i just did some leveling and got to 85 about a month ago. been doing some 5mans and its not quite to what i was used to before. i'm from Singapore. Link to my noob toon below.

#5604779 Feb 06, 2012 at 04:17 PM
missed out on the template so here it is.

Character Name : Ruf
Class : Fire Mage
Talent Build : 3/35/3
Armory Link

Are you a transfer or planning to transfer to Saurfang? :
If Yes - from what Realm : Suramar

Skill Level / Professions :
481 Enchanting
410 Tailoring

What are your available playtimes? Are you able to meet at least 70% of our raids schedules ? ( 11 PM server) : 5-6 hours
Sunday :: Night Off
Monday :: Yes
Tuesday :: Yes
Wednesday :: Yes
Thursday :: Yes
Friday :: Yes
Saturday :: Night Off

i can only raid 2 weeks a month because of my job. in the afternoon shift 2 weeks a month (2pm-11pm)

Why do you want to join us and how can we benefit from you ?
(We want to know about your Character, Build and Playstyle) :

i need a new home and i'm an old school raiding mage who wants to raid! bad habits die hard!

Previous Guilds (Include guild names, realm & why you left) :
Midnight from Suramar. I quit 3 years ago and i was playing at their american timezone. now my job doesn't allow me to. so i'm applying for a +8 gmt guild.

What is your raiding experience?
i raided everything till Muru in Sunwell.

What is your most used ability during a raid?

then it was scorch, fireball, pyro then combustion. right now its a whole new game but i'm getting to the rotations in 5mans.

List consumables and amounts you plan to bring to every raid.
flasks and food and destruction potions equivalent if needed.

Of those consumable listed above - do you plan to use them on every Boss? If not, why?

only will flask after attempting the boss a few times till the rotations are correct.

You pull agro and wipe the raid. What do you do next ?
A) Stay quiet and pray no one noticed.
B) Admit the mistake and pray for forgiveness.
C) Blame it on lag.
D) Alt+F4
E) It's obviously the Tank's TPS that sucks.

shit happens but B) would be my answer.

How do you feel about constructive criticism?

i love critism.

Do you loot during raids?

of coz.. who doesnt?

Have you read our Raid Application & Requirements thread?

yeah i did

Is there any additional information not covered in our application questions that you would like to share? ( Age, Hobbies, Country, MMO Experience, etc ) :

im 33 working in a bank, i do brazillian jujitsu and i was a diablo and wow addict.
#5615108 Feb 08, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Core Raider
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Thanks for your interest in joining Rebirth Ruf.

You mentioned that you can only raid 2 weeks of every month however at the moment we are looking for committed players for heroic progressions.

We always welcome players who are passionate about the game though and would like to offer you a place in our guild as a casual. You won't be raiding with the main team but you can still join in on the occasional alt/lfr runs.

If you're still interested you can pst either me or Oncelot for an invite.
#5620172 Feb 09, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Thank you very much.. alt runs are fine with me :) will transfer my toon over the weekend or something. Will send you a tell once im in.

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